The Petit Etteilla in English

The Petit Etteilla deck has long been obscured to the English speaking world by the French Language. Now you can read fortunes with the very first English translation of this deck. This is the deck the most famous cartomancer in history, Mlle. Le Normand learned to read cards with. And now, you can read with the very same deck.

The ORIGINAL Lenormand Deck

This deck predates esoteric tarot and one can see how Etteilla created the first esoteric tarot deck based on these cards. One can even begin to see the start of the spreads used in the Golden Dawn and OTO with elements of card pairing, matching, counting, etc used in the Opening of the Key spread!
This will be an amazing historic deck to add to your collection, or to give some of the most accurate card readings you've ever seen.

As a special added bonus, one of the instruction cards will have an exclusive link to a 1-2 hour instructional video lecture given by myself going through each card one by one, their history and how to use the deck in many different ways including several spreads that eventually evolved into the very first esoteric and occult tarot spreads!

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